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Dec 2017

By Good Food Revolution

Pheasant's Tears

There are many who view the wines of Pheasant’s Tears as the very finest
in the whole of (the Republic of) Georgia, and after tasting them for myself on a recent trip...



Feb  2017


Humble Magic in

Georgian Capital’s

Restaurant Renaissance

When the chef Meriko Gubeladze opened Shavi Lomi, she recalled that Tbilisi
was “starving for small, homey restaurants with good food.” That was 2011, and
the quality of Georgian cuisine



I've thought about this meal so many times

now, that the memory of it feels like a

dream: I'm seated at a table whose surface I can no longer see - it has disappeared entirely underneath dozens of overlapping...

Asset 2 (2)-100.jpg

May 2017

By Hanna FK

Peasant's Tears

It was on day four that I first started suspecting they wanted us dead. We were in Georgia and I’d yet to brush my teeth for passing out each night, the only difference being that on day three...

Nov 2013

By The Feiring Line

Georgian Wine

Captures Paris

Two weeks ago, I landed in Paris full of snot and groggy from the Ambien and made my
way over to my friends in the old lady 7th Arr, just under the Tour Eiffel. I blew my nose,
dropped my bag and when in my right mind...

Feb 2013

By Blog 

All You Needed to Know

About Qvevri but were

Afraid to Ask

We are spelling it “Qvevri”. There was much discussion on this; a few German importers prefer the Kv
rather than Qv but I have had the Travel channel CNN, BBC and Jancis Robinson’s...

Asset 2-100.jpg

Feb 2013

By Wine Terroirs

I had been emailed about this tasting a few weeks prior to the event, and I decided to attend, given that the weather
wouldn't be too tough and allow me to ride there on motorbike from work.

Aug 2012


2008 Peasant's Tears Rkatsiteli Republic of Georgia

We don't know exactly where and when mankind first made wine in any significant quantity, but we believe that it was approximately 8000 years ago -- long before the rise of the Egyptian civilization. 

 May 2018

Steve Werblow

Vintage 8000, Georgian

Winemakers Carry on an 

Ancient Tradition

Gia Rokashvili pours a glass of
Rkatsiteli, its amber tones verging on
warm orange, its flavor rolling from
pear to tangerine skin to spice: This is the color of our sun”...

Sep 2018

Watch this amazing video from Copenhagen

and don't miss the bottle of Peasant's Tears wine straight from Georgia!

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